Best and Easy Ways to Earning Online

Online earning method 2020

Best and Easy Ways to Earning Online

Facebook, YouTube, Website or Blog and Product Affiliation Earning is so easy, now a day’s most of the peoples earning online throughout the world at home with in 2 to 3 hours working on different things, but some of peoples making fake news and sharing fake links about online earning to getting clicks on their ads to become famous their blog

Well here we are going to inform you about online earning without wasting time and proper ways of earning just giving two to three hours at your home.

What is the Requirement of Online earning at home?

There is following things you must have before start working

  1. A Good internet connection
  2. A good device where you have work on (PC Computer, Laptop, Mobile)
  3. A Good Working environment where you feel easy work

Now let’s start about online working methods, well there are main following four online methods which is most easy to work for most of the persons.

  • How to Earn Facebook Page AdBreak
  • How to Earn from YouTube Channel
  • How to Earn by Website or Blog
  • What is Product Affiliation or How to Earn by Product or Affiliation?

1. How to Earn Facebook Page AdBreak

Intro of Facebook AdBreak Monetization Earning

Facebook AdBreak Earning on Facebook page is very easy and handsome earning if you have follow some facebook basic rules for earning which is given below.

Monetization of Facebook Page, the requirement of monetization on Facebook page is 10k followers or likes and watch time limits which is fulfilled by uploading videos

First of all you need to create a Facebook page with any name and category and then start to upload best funny, viral, and informative and technology videos, having length with more than 3 minutes (which will complete your watch time minutes).

Secondly if you already a Facebook page than you just start to monetize your page start to earn by uploading videos

How to Earn Facebook Page AdBreak?

Facebook is now giving opportunity to those who have time to manage their facebook page and upload videos and start earning through AdBreak, the method of AdBreak is, show ads on your videos and the owner of page will earn through advertisement showing on his/her page this is called AdBreak.

How to Monetization of Facebook Page?

The requirement of Monetization is you must have 10k followers or likes on your page and complete watch time, here in screen shot you can see  the Red highlighted must be in a green, when you will complete the all green tabs than your monetization will be started and your page will be green, and the red indicated will be complete when you upload videos on daily basis, surely it will complete with in week or may be more than two weeks its depend on your videos.

How to Setup Payment Account in Facebook?

Payment method is so easy just you need to enter your country and city name and your local bank account with email and mobile number for detail you just search on google that how to set payment method in Facebook Ad-break

How to Withdraw Payment on Facebook?

Facebook payout their costumer each 21st of month and the payment will transfer in your account within two to three days which can show in your account you can check the monetization payout setting in the page through your Facebook ID.

Facebook also send the detail about your earning through your email given in Facebook payment method, so that you will get the copy of payment bill.

Which videos are eligible for Facebook Page?

According to facebook community guidelines and policy facebook is approved all types of videos like as funny and viral videos, informative and technology videos,  tutorials and about product info videos, singing and poetry videos and facebook does not except following s types of videos.

  • Those in which shows killing murder and fighting
  • Pornographic, or sex or any sex scandal
  • Any political or religious videos
  • Any hateful speech or threatening to someone

2. How to Earn from YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the worldwide biggest platform for online earning where more than billions of peoples are working and earning on their channel by uploading videos.

How to Start Earning on YouTube?

First of all you must have a Gmail ID if don’t, then start to create a new Gmail ID with any name you want, than go to YouTube section and start to uploading videos there is no limit of length and time on YouTube videos, but the policy of YouTube is very strict and you must be care to upload videos.

Make sure that the videos you are going to upload must be your own videos do not copy any other’s videos otherwise you will get copyrights on your channel and if you will get three copyrights in one month than your channel will be disable either it is approve or not.

What is the Requirement to Approve Adsense on YouTube Channel?

There is requirement of YouTube Partner Program YPP, first you need to comply the partner program and for this you must complete following things before approve Adsense

  • 10 thousands views
  • 4 Hours watch time
  • 1000 Subscribers

How to complete above limits for approval?

Very simply, for completion of above figure you must be vigilance on your channel, you should make attractive videos where people watch your videos till last  time, the videos watched till last time are most viewable and get highest rank on YouTube and Google through trending.

How to Get 1000 Subscribers?

Once your videos get famous and become viral than peoples will start interest in your channel and subscribe your channel, and you must upload daily basis new videos to attract viewers and getting subscribers.

You can make your own videos to introduce about yourself about you expertise about your work about your environment and many other expertise you can make videos through your mobile in following categories.

  1. Travel Journey
  2. Technology videos
  3. Mobile Introductions and Feature
  4. TV Shows and Drama promo videos
  5. Gaming Introduction Videos
  6. Movies Informative Videos
  7. Political View Videos
  8. Any Product Informative Videos
  9. Weather Information Videos
  10. Children Gaming Videos
  11. Cricket Football Videos
  12. Computer Information Videos
  13. Tailoring Information Tutorial Videos
  14. Makeup Information Tutorial Videos
  15. Jewelry Information Videos
  16. Jeans Paints Ties and Clothes Videos
  17. Fashion and Menhdi Design Videos
  18. Poetry and Stories Videos

And there are so many niches you can use and make videos and start to upload videos.

How to Approve Adsense on YouTube Channel

When you will complete above YouTube Partner Program than your just open Adsense login page with same email you have on YouTube and then sign up Adsense login page fill out the form with complete information real information than your earning will start after getting email from Adsense.

How to Withdraw YouTube Payment?

When your will complete 100$ threshold than YouTube will send payment through your bank account, PayPal or Western Union on 21st of each month.

3. How to Earn from Website or Blog

Earning from website and blog is little bit tough than Facebook and YouTube but if you have a good English speaking and understanding power, than exactly you can earn handsome amount through blog or website.

According to Google Adsense community guidelines and policy you must have your own articles and contents on your blog or website with any niche your are making.

You must need Hosting and Domain name for creating website, the hosting is means the database where you can keep your data which showed on website, and domain is the name you have to register from any recognized third party company online.

Blog is easy and free you can create blog through your Gmail ID, on and start to post your articles.

How to Approval Adsense on Website or Blog?

This is very simple just you must care Adsense Policy and start to post your articles written by your own handed, well the minimum requirement is more than 40 articles but not limited, and then you can apply for Adsense.

How to Withdraw Website or Blog Payment?

When your will complete 100$ threshold than Google Adsense will send payment through your bank account, PayPal or Western Union on 21st of each month.

4. What is Affiliation or How to Earn by Product or Affiliation?

Product affiliation is basically earnings from products sale through online by social media like website, blog, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Facebook Page.

For this you must be active and expert to sale any product online, most of the girls and housewife perform this job online by selling some makeup, perfume, handmade crafts and jewelry items online through uploading videos and live videos on Facebook pages and other platform and earning good amount on daily and monthly basis.

How to Sale Product?

If you have a good Facebook page or website where daily visit more than one Lac peoples on website page or Instagram, than you must buy a useful product from market in bulk quantities and make a video clip of 3 minutes with complete information and benefits of product and sale the less price than in market price, once you build up trust with your viewers believe my you will earn handsome amount this way.

Hope you like my article please give me your feedback regarding anything and tell me if you need more information about anything just inbox me on following page, I will help you.


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