How to get replacement Air Pods Pro tips from Apple


How to get replacement Air Pods Pro tips from Apple

Apple’s AirPods Pro is simply awesome, particularly in the event that you hack them to accommodate your ears far better. Be that as it may, those compatible silicone tips are only one (or two) more things to lose, or to break. The uplifting news is, Apple will sell you swap silicone tips for your AirPods Pro. The terrible news is, you can’t simply arrange them up from the Apple Store, or from Amazon.

Likely the least demanding approach to get swap tips for your AirPods Pro is to visit an Apple Store. In the event that you simply turn up, it’s conceivable you’ll get what you need, yet as you’ll find in a minute, regardless of whether you’re raising the store, you can arrange the tips for pickup.

Outsider tips

There is another alternative. Outsider AirPods Pro tips are beginning to appear on Amazon. I’ve even arranged a set, yet despite everything they haven’t showed up yet. One potential bit of leeway to picking outsider alternatives over Apple’s very own tips is that — relying upon the size and state of your ears — they may fit better. Or on the other hand not. Like anything on Amazon, you’re similarly prone to wind up with a modest, low quality knockoff as you are to get something great.

Instructions to arrange new AirPods Pro tips from Apple

Stage one: Head to Apple’s AirPods bolster page. At the top, directly under the photograph of the purchase with a conservative neckline, you’ll see a connect to Replace an AirPod or ear tip. Snap that. You’ll at that point get another page, with a spring up offering a few choices. Snap the respectable that lets you request a substitution, and track with the directions. You’ll need to confirm with your Apple ID, and may need to enter a sequential number.

At that point, you can decide to have the new tips dispatched to you, or get them in your nearby Apple Store. The value is low — you ought to be paying around $4 for the new tips.


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